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Colonics are not painful; you never have to hold the water in your bowel for an extended period of time, as required with a traditional enema.

A disposable speculum (FDA approved) is inserted in the rectum. Two hoses are then attached to the instrument; one for the water source to flow into the bowel, the other to allow water and waste to flow from the body directly into the plumbing system.

This method utilizes natural forces and the body's own energies. The water temperature is constantly monitored, so it never feels too hot or too cold. The method used at Hosanna is the gravity flow system. Special abdominal massage is also required for optimum results.

Client draws the knees up to relax the muscles. The therapist will place hand flat on the bowel near hips, using wrist force. Rolling hands gently, but firmly toward the tips of the fingers, using rotary motion from left to right.

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