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Why is it called Rhinoplasty

Most people are familiar with the term ‘rhinoplasty’ and have an idea of what the term entails. But few people know that the term comes from a Latin word, ‘rhinitis’, which means ‘nose’.

The process of this type of surgery is to alter the shape of a person’s nose, typically for cosmetic reasons or for other reasons that the surgeon’s job or the patient’s personal preference may dictate. The shape, size and location of a patient’s nose can be altered through surgical procedures such as ear reconstruction, nose reconstruction, or chin reconstruction. Each of these procedures requires specific surgery, so one surgeon will be required for each procedure.

Before a plastic surgeon will perform a nose job, he or she will first go through the patients’ medical history with the patient. He or she will also conduct a physical examination of the patient to assess any medical conditions that might come up during the course of the patient’s recovery. During the physical exam, the doctor will take a look at the patient’s eyes, ears, face and even the nose. In some cases, the doctor will need to remove a sample of tissue to test its appearance.

Once the physical examination is complete, the plastic surgeon will talk with the patient and evaluate whether or not the patient has what is necessary to undergo a nose job. If the doctor determines that the patient is in the best possible condition to have a nose job performed, then a discussion about a nose job will ensue. The doctor will discuss the patient’s choices of surgeries and possible complications that may occur.

After a patient has talked about his or her expectations for having a nose job, the doctor will begin to do some preliminary research on what type of nose job a patient is interested in. This initial consultation may include a description of the appearance of the patient’s nose, as well as his or her expectations of how it will look when the nose job is completed. A discussion regarding the nose job will also likely take place if the patient desires to discuss the details of the surgery.

During the initial nose job, a plastic surgeon will determine the extent of the patient’s involvement and the amount of money he or she will be paying for the surgery. Generally, a general anesthesia will be used to numb the area during the procedure, as well as sutures to help secure the stitches. Once the surgery is complete, the patient will be given instructions on what to expect after the operation and if they will be able to return to their normal activities.

Once the operation is completed, the plastic surgeon’s job will be to make sure the patient is doing well and is able to follow all of his or her post-operative instructions. It is important for the patient to make sure they are eating properly and following any medications they are given as the recovery process will be different for every patient. The patient’s weight should be monitored and they will also be advised of the medications that will be prescribed for them to take while they are recovering. They may also be asked to stay off their medications for a while until they are fully recovered.

As long as a person has the determination, the drive and the desire to have a new nose, they should be able to become a good candidate for rhinoplasty. This surgery is an affordable procedure that anyone can have if they show an interest in it. Because most cosmetic surgery procedures, whether it be a nose job, are elective in nature, most patients who undergo a nose job have a history of good health and a desire for a more pleasing appearance. If a patient does not meet the criteria to get the procedure, he or she is able to get a referral from a friend, relative or a doctor to see if they can qualify for it.

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