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How Long Do Botox Injections Last?

The answer to this question depends on your own skin type and other factors such as your overall health, the type of Botox you decide to get, and the time and frequency of each treatment. The average time it takes for a person’s eyes to recover from Botox is six weeks, but other areas may take longer or shorter.

The first few days after an injection will be a bit more painful than normal since the Botox is injected into the delicate muscles and structures of the eye area. At first, redness may appear as the eyes begin to heal. A patient may also experience some watering and itching, but these symptoms should disappear in two or three days. At the end of the six to eight week treatment period, your eyes should feel relaxed and smooth.For more information about Botox Injections contact Bayview Plastic Surgery located in Gig Harbor WA..

During this time, it is best to avoid scratching your eyes because the Botox will irritate the area and increase irritation symptoms. You should wear thick lenses so that you don’t strain and cause additional eye discomfort. If you experience any pain after the injections, contact your physician right away. It is important that you use natural eye creams or lotions to reduce irritation and to protect your eyes.

Although Botox injections are meant to help with eye problems, not everyone benefits from them. Patients who have a history of severe dry eyes that are easily irritated are not a good candidate for this procedure. In addition, people with excessive dry eyes are not recommended.

Botox treatments can be administered at home or in a doctor’s office. Most procedures are performed under local anesthesia and will require the same post-treatment instructions and precautions. For more information about Botox Injections contact Bayview Plastic Surgery located in Gig Harbor WA.

Before you begin a treatment, your doctor will usually give you some medications to help relieve local anesthesia, but it is important to remember to take them as directed. For example, if your eyes are irritated and swollen, then you must wear a pair of goggles throughout the procedure. Once your eyes have cooled down, the doctor will probably recommend that you sit in a chair rather than lying down.

As mentioned earlier, the eye area will be inflamed at first but will soon heal and return to its former state. Your eyes may be slightly swollen and red and feel a little sore for a few days. But you should feel little discomfort for the duration of your treatment. However, your eyes should clear up within a couple of weeks.

After the eye injections are complete, you will notice some slight peeling and wrinkling, as well as discoloration, in your eyes. But these are normal after-effects. This process will eventually go on without incident. In fact, most people notice their new, youthful, more youthful look for several weeks after the procedure.

No matter what the cause of your vision problem, the procedure is designed to improve it. As stated earlier, some people benefit from Botox treatments because they have dry eye syndrome. Some others will have excess skin in their eyes caused by allergies and even eye infections. And some people will experience excessive eye puffiness or wrinkles caused by age or other factors.

The treatments are most effective when they are performed regularly. And when applied to just one area, the results may take longer. than if you are applying them to several different areas of the face. So, the length of time that you have to notice results will vary from person to person.

Some patients have no side effects from Botox injections, while others may suffer mild discomfort or minor side effects such as redness. or itchiness. Because these side effects can be associated with a number of underlying problems, they are easily corrected with over-the-counter eye drops or other eye cream.

Because Botox cannot be stopped by prescription, it is important to make sure that you use only natural eye cream for the rest of your eye care routine. In the event of an allergic reaction, you should call your doctor immediately and take appropriate measures.

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