The appearance of WW88 makes many people question the house. Most of the questions are around reputable or not? Are they a fake W88 brand? The following article, we will give the aspect information related to this dealer. You will get the best view of the WW88 dealer.

The origins of WW88 – The legal bookmaker in Vietnam
WW88, W88hcm is recognized as a reputable and quality online bookmaker. We can completely confirm this claim through the evidence. That is:

House WW88 – The legal playing field in Vietnam

WW88 is a brand of betting playground belonging to the W88 casino betting system. This means, W88 is the company who gave birth to this house.
The dealer is also operated and owns the intellectual rights provided by Marquee Holdings LTD.
The house is organized by First Cagayan Leisure & Resort Corporation to issue operation and business license.
With 3 elements that WW88 has and is inherited from the W88 house brand. They completely become a legal bookmaker and provide a healthy playing field for everyone involved. So coming to this dealer, you will experience any online entertainment products?

Online entertainment products that WW88 offers
WW88 world is no different than the playing field of the W88 bookie. You will be satisfied with the selection of the betting game product you love. However, below are still some of the main entertainment products that many people are interested in.

Sports offers a wide range of sports around the world. However, football is still the sport that creates the most powerful attraction for the participants. Because of this, the house odds of the house are offered as diverse and plentiful as:

Table of house odds at Sports

Asian Handicap.
European Handicap.
Teo Tai fainted.
Odds correct.
Corner markets.

If you look carefully, you will see that the odds offered by the dealer are much more “marginal” than in other betting courts. The tournaments are varied and updated on a regular basis for fans.

Interestingly, Casino Casino at WW88 always has live dealers and live reports from all over the world. This makes the casino games transparent and fair. Joining the world of Casino, you will enjoy the joy of victory from easy-to-play, easy-to-win card games such as:

Casino with real dealer

Poker Cards.
Roulette card.
Blackjack cards.
Other attractive entertaining game
In addition to the two main betting products are sports and online casino. The dealer also offers thousands of other interesting entertainment games for players to experience. Such as: Game slots, lottery, games All games have simple and easy to understand rules of the game. This gives a great chance of winning for all participants.

Professional interface and stable operation
The website of the dealer website is considered to have a professional appearance and stable interaction. This is shown on both the PC interface and WW88 application on mobile phones.

More information about w88 here:

Professional interface and stable operation

The interface of the dealer website on the PC
The interface is eye-catching and does not get confused like other gambling websites on the Internet.
Website rarely has to be maintained.
User does not feel the page load is jerky, laggy
Server system is built and managed by a team of leading network experts in the world.
Website has high security.
WW88 Mobile interface
Interface WW88 website on mobile phones modern and professional.
The dealer application is available to players free of charge.
The application is integrated with the current smart phones.
The application brings the most comfortable experience for players to participate in betting.
Diverse odds
WW88 is similar to the W88 bookie in that its main product is football. Therefore, the betting system built by the house is very diverse and monumental.

Diverse raffle system
The house of the house is built by a team of leading experts in the world. They are all football experts, famous editors That is why the raffle is built quite accurately and brings many benefits to the participants.

Players will be able to try their hand at betting on all kinds of popular markets up to side markets. This helps your chances of winning also be greatly increased. Players only need to know some of the information and experience of their own truss. You will win when you play football betting here.

Lots of information
In addition to providing odds tables for players with accurate betting data. WW88 also provides match information and comments. This will be information to help players catch the most delicious markets for themselves. The screening information includes:

Information of two teams.
Ranking and confrontation history of 2 teams.
The expert comments on the scores of the two teams.
Quick deposits / withdrawals
Deposit withdrawal are 2 transactions that a player is required to know how to operate when participating in the dealer. Therefore, below we will in turn guide you how to perform these 2 transactions. The first is the deposit transaction at the house.

Guide to recharge at the dealer
Deposit money at WW88 guaranteed in a maximum time of 5 minutes and as fast as 1 minute. Players should choose a bank deposit method to ensure safety and time. Specifically, this deposit method is implemented as follows:

Deposit form

Member login to his personal account at the dealer. Then, you contact the customer care staff of the dealer to get the WW88 bank account number.
The player transfers the required amount to the bank account number of the dealer.
After successfully transferring money, go to “Fund $” -> Select “Deposit” -> Fill in the information to verify the previous money transfer transaction with the dealer.
Finally, the dealer will compare your deposit verification and the money transfer you made. If the information matches, they will update the deposit to your account. At this point, you will see that your betting account balance has been added.

WW88 withdrawal
Withdrawals at the dealer are processed and processed within 10-30 minutes. The withdrawal method that players are using is: transfer money to the bank account. Specifically, the withdrawal method is as follows:

WW88 withdrawal form

At the first withdrawal: You will have to declare your main bank account information. After that, the dealer will check the information to ensure safety and security for players. For the first withdrawal, it will take about 2-6 hours of player waiting.
At the next withdrawal: You only need to fill in the amount to withdraw after logging into the dealer account. At these withdrawals, you only need to wait for a maximum of 30 minutes to receive the money.
Withdrawal procedures are simple, easy and fast. Moreover, the house is highly secure, so you can feel secure when making any transactions at the dealer.

Note when trading at WW88
To ensure that trading at the house is convenient and legal. You should note the following issues:

Members wishing to withdraw money need to have their own main bank account.
The information on the dealer and bank accounts must match.
The dealer does not allow players to make transactions through any third party. Therefore, you absolutely cannot use other people’s bank cards to deposit / withdraw money.
Attractive promotion
Currently, promotions available to members in Vietnam are extremely attractive. However, to receive the bonus, you need to pay attention to the conditions that the dealer offers.

Attractive promotions attract many people to join

Conditions for receiving bonuses from the house’s promotions
Members need to adhere to the rules of each promotion offered by the dealer.
A member cannot violate any of the general terms and conditions of the dealer.
Member must complete the number of betting rounds required by the dealer before withdrawing money to the bank account.
Attractive promotions
Some attractive promotions at WW88 always attract large participants. That is:

Recharge the first time for new members to receive up to 100% of the deposit card value. Chances of receiving money up to 4 million.
First time depositors receive 1 million dong immediately.
Recharge bonus programs apply to some products at the dealer. Such as: Sports, Online Casino
Refund programs apply to all game products at the dealer. Thereby, the dealer will apply a different refund for each category of entertainment products.
Customer care service staff are enthusiastic
Customer care staff is a human factor that contributes to the success of WW88 bookie. Thereby, the player gives comments on the house’s customer care service as follows:

Customer care service staff are enthusiastic

Customer care team is enthusiastic, polite and has deep knowledge.
Players’ questions are answered completely and correctly.
The communication channels to the dealer are varied and completely free.
The support service operates 24 / 24h and answers all questions players have at any time.
Does the rating on the WW88 betting field give you an accurate measure of the credibility of this bookie? Please know the exact experience, please join to feel it.

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